Installing Vent for Ducted Air Conditioner

How Much Does It Cost To Get Ducted Air Conditioning?

Every year, as Perth’s hot summer rolls around, people scramble to the stores to fill their home with fans and portable air conditioners. Most of the time these appliances are no match for the scorching Perth heat. 

For those with ducted air conditioning, the heat and humidity aren’t an issue. The big question is – does comfort come at a price? How much does it cost to get ducted air conditioning?

As with all appliances it depends on the size of the unit, the brand and your personal requirements. Let’s look at the ins and outs of ducted air conditioning and find out if it’s the long-term solution you’ve been looking for. 

What is Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning?

For year ‘round comfort, nothing matches ducted air conditioning – the same unit will create a cool home in summer and warm environment in winter. 

When summer hits and your ducted air conditioning system is switched to cooling mode – the unit will absorb heat from inside your home and disperse it outside. Even when the temperature climbs beyond 40°C (as it does every summer in Perth), your ducted air conditioner will keep your home perfectly chilled. 

All the work is done by the outdoor unit. Once the hot air is sucked out of your home, the outdoor unit will convert it into cool air using a refrigeration system. The cooled air is then returned to your home providing an ideal temperature.    

What are the benefits of Ducted Air Conditioning?


In Perth, the summer heat can be relentless. Without proper air conditioning, the summer months can feel like an eternity. Of course, summer also coincides with school breaks and public holidays – a time when we do the most entertaining at home. 

Comfort is the number one benefit of ducted air conditioning, but you may be surprised to know the other advantages of installing ducted air conditioning.


One of the great benefits of new ducted air conditioning units is the ability to create zones. In general, we congregate in the kitchen/dining area for meals, the family/living area for evenings and the bedroom for the night. With a new ducted unit, you can choose to only cool areas of the home that are being used. This is a huge energy-saving option that many older evaporative style air conditioners don’t have.   

Health Benefits

The health benefits of ducted air conditioning may not be common knowledge. The filters in your unit are designed to trap airborne particles like dust. They can also keep out small insects. With Australia having one of the highest rates of asthma in the world, it makes sense to consider a cooling option that will keep the outside nasties outside. 

Long Lasting

Installing a ducted air conditioning unit may seem like a decent up-front investment, and you’re right – you should think of it exactly that way. Typically, a ducted system will have a long lifespan – even longer with regular servicing. If you add up the comfort that your unit provides and the length of time it will last, you’ll see that the price is well proportioned.

Price of a Ducted Air Conditioning Unit 

The cost of a fully installed unit starts at $8,500. Whether you own a residential or commercial business, the final cost will depend on the size of your property, the number of vents required and the brand you choose. Let’s look at the top brands on the market. 

What is the Best Ducted Air Conditioning Brand?

Installing Ducted Air Conditioner

From some of the most trusted names in air conditioning to the heavy-duty units for commercial use – here are our top three brands to consider.  


Daikin has been a household name in air conditioning for decades. With Daikin, it’s often the small details that set them apart from their competitors. They take the health of their customers very seriously – it’s why their split system air conditioners are approved by the National Asthma Council Australia’s Sensitive Choice program. 

Their inverter technology helps create more energy-efficient air conditioning, with minimal fluctuations in temperature.


The brand Panasonic has long been a global leader in residential and commercial air conditioning. Much of Panasonic’s popularity comes down to technology, offering optimum performance with minimum power consumption.  

Panasonic has also been very proactive at incorporating smart home technology. They understand the busy lifestyles we all have and have created an extremely user-friendly ducted air conditioning unit to fit in with our lives.


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioners Australia (MHIAA) has been operating for over 45 years – with a strong focus on efficiency and saving energy. MHIAA is highly regarded in the residential and commercial market. Their commitment to quality has seen them awarded the Choice ‘Best Brand Air Conditioners’ three years running.

If you want your family to be comfortable throughout the whole year, it makes sense to install ducted air conditioning. Cool in summer, warm in winter and the flexibility to control your energy you use. 

To find out which ducted air conditioning unit is perfect for your home or office, contact Perth City Air today. If you’d like a quote, fill in the details on the contact page and we’ll get back to you soon.

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