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Air Conditioning Checklist for New Home Builders

Your home is likely one of the biggest investments you’ll make. So, whether you’re building a new home, buying a house, or renovating your current property, good climate control is a must.

The perfect heating and cooling solution differs for each homeowner. In this post, we’ll cover the top 4 checklist items that you should consider when determining which aircon system is right for your home, especially if you’re building a home in Perth. Plus, we’ll discuss air conditioners that fit a range of needs and budgets.

1. What kind of air conditioner is right for your home?

When selecting an air conditioning system, you’ll want to consider the different varieties of aircon units. The right aircon will help you and your home endure the harsh Australian climate. 

Here’s an overview of the most popular air conditioning systems to keep your family comfortable all year long.

Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning: 

Reverse cycle air conditioners are commonly built in new builds and modern homes. Ducted air conditioning is very cost effective, as the system can switch between heating and cooling. 

Additionally, you can choose to have your ducted system installed in zones, or rooms, throughout your home. Air conditioning can be turned on in individual zones or all at once to cool your entire home. Ducted air conditioning is an especially great option if you have a sensitive respiratory system or are hoping to filter contaminants, like dust, out of your air.

VRV reverse cycle systems: 

A VRV system is a multi-unit indoor reverse cycle air conditioner. It features indoor unity options, such as ducted, cassette, and wall hung air conditioners. With this system, all indoor units run off a single outdoor unit, which keeps running costs low.

Wall split systems: 

These air conditioning units can also heat or cool single rooms through a ductless system. Each unit is wall-mounted inside and connects to an outdoor compressor. These systems are commonly used because they are easy to install and remove, plus they operate quietly.


2. Aircon unit size, power, and cost

When narrowing down what kind of air conditioning unit you’d like to install in your newly built house, it’s also important to consider the size, power, and cost of your aircon system.


Aircon size matters. The wrong size aircon system can result in damage to the system, overuse, and higher bills. 

Typically, aircon systems that are too large can cause humidity issues. On the other hand, aircon systems that are too small may undergo excessive wear. Therefore, it’s essential to research what size air conditioner you need for your space.


When choosing an aircon system, take into account the amount of power the unit will use. This will help to minimize the environmental impact of your air conditioning unit. 

Don’t hesitate to ask an expert about the power usage of the various aircon systems that you’re considering.


The cost of your air conditioning system will depend on the scope and size of your house. 

Get an obligation-free quote by sending your floor plans, contact information, and a description of your aircon needs to quotes@perthcityair.com.au or phone us at 08 6114 0179. We’re happy to help estimate the price of your unique aircon system.

3. Installation

Installing your air conditioning system is a detailed process. It’s important to contact a professional to securely and safely service your air conditioning system. 

At Perth City Air, we provide timely installation services and stand by our customer service guarantee. Whether you’re building a home in Perth or updating your current residential property, we can help to install your new air conditioner.


4. How to maintain your aircon in tip-top condition

It’s ultra-important to maintain your aircon system so it continues to thrive for years to come. The Perth City Air team is full of air conditioning knowledge. We have the skills to properly maintain, repair, and service your aircon unit. 

And, you can do your due diligence to maintain your aircon. Be sure to clean filters when needed, clean and dust your aircon units, and check that all seals are tight and secure.


If you’re considering an aircon purchase, the time is now! Contact us to install an air conditioning system into your new home — enjoy a free quote today!

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