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Air Conditioning Repair or Replace – What’s the Best Option?

Every summer in Perth, air conditioning units get pushed to their limits. While most survive before they receive a well-earned service, others succumb to the pressure and pack up completely.

When you’re trying to survive a stretch of 40+ degree days (as has been the case in Perth this summer) you’ll do anything to get your air con unit repaired. However, don’t let the heat distort your thinking. Sometimes the repairs (or chance of further repairs) can cost the same as a new unit. 

So, what is the best option if you’re having trouble with your air conditioning? Let’s look at what issues can occur, whether repair or replacement is the best option and how to choose a reputable air conditioning repairer.

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Signs your air conditioning needs repair

Air conditioning filter replacement

Air conditioners have many moving parts and as expected, those parts will eventually wear out. What is unknown is when they’ll wear (hopefully not in the middle of a heatwave). Here are a few tips to help you spot the signs that something is wrong with your air con.

Not cooling or heating the home like usual

You may have noticed a distinct lack of airflow or that the home feels warmer (or colder in winter) than usual. This change could point to several possible problems. Firstly, you should compare the temperature that’s set on the air con unit with the house temperature. If they don’t match it could be an indication of:

  • Low refrigerant levels
  • Damaged compressor
  • Airflow obstruction from valves, filters or coils

Low airflow also points to a damaged or worn compressor. Your air conditioning repairer should check all these areas before making a diagnosis.

Air conditioning is producing strange noises and smells

Your air conditioner should operate fairly silently. You may recognise some common noises but if you hear anything unusual, it’s a sign that something is wrong. Whether a component has come loose, or a part of the internal mechanics is wearing, strange noises shouldn’t be ignored.

It doesn’t matter if you have a split system, ducted reverse cycle or evaporative air conditioner, they all have filter pads. If those pads become old or mouldy, you may notice a strange smell inside the home. More serious issues like damaged insulation could also be the cause of bad smells. Don’t let contaminated air circulate around your home, call an air con specialist to look it over.     

Increase in power bill

A sharp increase in your electricity bill could point to an overworked or faulty air conditioner. Your air con unit will have an energy rating which will help you work out how much your unit costs to run. Keep an eye on the bills and ear on whether the unit is sounding sluggish. As mentioned above, a faulty unit won’t cool or heat the house as well as it should.

A surge in power usage can also be caused by the age of your air conditioner. An older air con unit with worn parts will start to work harder to maintain the temperature that’s set. It’s best to have someone examine all the working parts to see if the issue is minor or major.

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Should you Repair or Replace your Air Conditioning?

Installing ducted air conditioning vent

The decision to repair or replace will most likely come down to price. While it is too hard to estimate repair prices, we can tell you how much a new air conditioning unit will cost you – that’ll make your decision much easier.

  • If you have a split system air conditioner, a new fully installed unit will start from $1900. The price may vary depending on the size of the room.  
  • A ducted reverse cycle air conditioner starts from $8500 fully installed. If you have a two-storey home, the starting price will be slightly higher and again, the final price will depend on the number and size of the rooms.
  • Ducted evaporative units start from $6000. As with the previous air con systems, the final price will be determined by the size of the home.

If your quoted repair bill comes close to the price of a new unit, then the choice is clear. With a new unit, you’ll get a five year manufacturer’s warranty and a two year installation warranty. Plus, your new unit will have better technology and will run more efficiently – that means no more spikes in the electricity bill.

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How to choose your Air Conditioning Repairer

Choosing a company that offers both repairs and new installations is a great place to start. The team at Perth City Air can provide you with an obligation free quote so you can make an informed decision whether to repair or replace. Sometimes a broken down unit may only need a minor repair – Perth City Air will do what is needed to get your unit up and running. 

If the best option is to replace your unit, you’ll get expert advice on how each air conditioning system operates and which is best suited to your home.

For more information on repairing or replacing your air conditioning, contact the team at Perth City Air.

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