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Can New Ducted Air Conditioning Reduce Your Energy Costs?

In Perth, air conditioning is not a luxury item, it’s a necessity. When summer settles in and you hit a stretch of endless 30°C+ days, you’ll be glad you invested in a quality, reliable air con unit. 

If you’re after the very best air conditioning option, choose ducted reverse cycle. Compared to evaporative or split systems, ducted reverse cycle air conditioning performs better on every level. Of course, choosing the best air conditioning will cost you more to install but the question is, can new ducted air conditioning reduce your day-to-day energy costs? 

Let’s find out if paying more upfront will save you money in the long run.  

How Can Ducted Air Conditioning Save Me Money?

New Ducted Air Conditioning

One of the real advantages of ducted reverse cycle air conditioning is its versatility. It gives you complete control to consume as much or as little energy as you need. Unlike older evaporative units that cool the whole home at the same temperature (even if you’re only in one room), a new ducted reverse cycle unit can be programmed to cool or heat specific zones at specific temperatures.

Many experts will tell you to set your air con to a particular temperature, usually 24°C. While this is a comfortable temperature, make sure you also consider the outside temperature and the size of the room you’re cooling. Every degree of extra cooling will increase your energy consumption by around 5-10%.  

Here are some more great energy-saving tips to remember:

Set your air conditioning to turn on early

If you wait until the day is already hot, your air con motor will have to work harder to get to the set temperature.

Turn off air con in zones that aren’t being used 

Only run air con in zones that are being used. This will reduce the workload on the motor which means less energy burned and more money saved.

Get your unit serviced annually

To ensure your unit is always running at peak performance, it’s best to get an annual service. Even something minor like cleaning or replacing pads can have an impact on your energy usage.  

What are the other benefits of ducted reverse cycle air conditioning?

Relaxing with Ducted Air Conditioning

Installing ducted reverse cycle air conditioning should be considered an investment rather than a cost. Apart from adding year-round comfort for you and your family, it’ll add value to your home should you ever decide to sell.

Over its life, ducted reverse cycle air conditioning draws on less energy than split systems or evaporative air conditioners. It doesn’t matter whether you have a small or large home, installing a reverse cycle air conditioner with the right number of ducts will put less pressure on the motor. If, however, you choose to install one split system in a large room, your air con unit will be forced to work overtime to keep the area at a consistent temperature – that means you’ll be drawing on more power.  

Some of the clear benefits of ducted reverse cycle air conditioning include:

✔️Extremely energy efficient
✔️Flexible cooling/heating options
✔️Can be programmed to cool/heat the whole home or specific zones
✔️Can help purify the air – great for people who experience breathing issues
✔️Main air con unit is hidden away
✔️Quieter than other air conditioning systems
✔️Very reliable
✔️Can be controlled remotely

Who should you get to install ducted reverse cycle air conditioning?

Installing Ducted Air Conditioning

With Perth household energy prices expected to climb even further, it’s important to do everything you can to reduce energy usage. Choosing a cheaper air con unit now could cost you more in the long run.  

If you want to find out if ducted reverse cycle air conditioning is right for your home, talk to the team at Perth City Air. We’re Australian owned and operated and have been serving the people of Perth for over 30 years.

Fully installed ducted reverse cycle air con units start from $8500. To get a detailed quote on unit and installation, contact us today.

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