Energy Efficient Air Conditioning

How To Choose The Most Energy-Efficient Air Conditioning

Everyone is looking for ways to reduce their energy usage. Whether it’s to minimise your carbon footprint or save money, being energy efficient is a smart choice. Homeowners are trying to move away from appliances like portable electric heaters that drain a lot of power and deliver a nasty shock when the winter bill arrives.

So, what are homeowners doing to get smarter about their air con and heating energy use? Many have worked out that a larger upfront investment is saving them more in the long run. Plus, using new technology like Smart Air Con Controllers can save energy without you having to do anything. Let’s take a closer look at how to choose the most energy-efficient air conditioning.

Is Ducted Air Conditioning Energy Efficient?

Ducted Air Conditioning Install

Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems are renowned for their energy efficiency and versatility. These systems work by distributing air through a series of ducts, ensuring consistent temperature control throughout your living space. Unlike other air conditioning units, ducted reverse cycle systems can provide both cooling and heating, so you only need one unit for year-round comfort.

Energy Efficiency Benefits

Inverter Technology 

Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning units utilise inverter technology, which adjusts the speed of the compressor based on the cooling or heating demands. This feature helps maintain a steady temperature while consuming less energy, resulting in increased energy efficiency.

Zoning Capabilities 

The zoning options on reverse cycle air conditioners allow you to divide your home into different zones and control the temperature separately for each area. By cooling or heating only the zones in use, you can avoid wasteful energy consumption, further enhancing efficiency.

Consistent Temperatures

Air conditioners and heating units tend to draw more energy when they are attempting to reach a certain temperature, e.g., if you’re trying to cool down a home in the middle of a hot day. However, if you have your ducted air con temperature set to turn on before the day heats up, it only needs to maintain the temperature – that uses a lot less energy.

Smart Controllers

Using a smart controller, like the AirTouch 5, allows you to create the perfect climate while reducing energy use. While you have complete control over the temperature, a smart controller can also identify areas of your home that need heating or cooling. You only use the energy you need and no more. 

What other factors can affect Energy Efficiency?

Ducted Air Conditioning

Installing an air conditioning system requires professional planning. How your unit is installed can have a considerable impact on energy savings. Some crucial factors to consider include:

Size and Layout of the Home

Once a thorough assessment has been carried out on your home’s size, layout and insulation, your installer will determine the appropriate system capacity and the number of zones required for efficient cooling and heating.

Maintenance and Upkeep

For continued energy efficiency and performance of your air conditioning system, regular maintenance is essential. 

Regular maintenance should include:

  • Clean or replace the air filters
  • Dust inspection
  • Professional Service

Benefits Beyond Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficient Home

When you choose ducted reverse cycle air conditioning, you get energy efficiency as well as several additional benefits.

Enhanced Comfort: These systems provide consistent temperature control throughout your home, eliminating hot and cold spots and ensuring optimal comfort for all occupants.

Noise Reduction: The centralised nature of ducted systems minimises noise, as the noisy components are located outside or in an unobtrusive area, providing a quieter indoor environment.

Aesthetics: Ducted systems are discreet, with only grilles or vents visible in the ceiling or floor. This allows for a clean and uncluttered interior design without the presence of bulky indoor units.

If you want to find out more about energy-efficient air conditioning, talk to Perth City Air. With Perth energy prices rising every year, now is the time to seriously consider ways to reduce household energy usage. Remember, choosing a cheap or quick-fix air con unit could cost you more in the long run.  

Fully installed ducted reverse cycle air con units start from $8500. To get a detailed quote on an air con unit and installation, contact us today.

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