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When is the Best Time to Install Home Air Conditioning?

In Perth, where temperatures can easily push past 40 degrees in the middle of summer, home air conditioning is a necessity. Your home should be the one place you can rely on for cool comfort day and night. However, once you’ve decided to install air conditioning in your home, there are two important questions you still need to answer:   

  1. How do I choose the right system for my home?
  2. When should I get home air conditioning installed? 

Living in Perth’s sizzling hot summer climate, timing is crucial for home air conditioning installation. If you get your timing wrong, you could experience lengthy delays. So, let’s discuss what your air conditioning options are and when is the best time to install home air conditioning.

The Best Time to Install Home Air Conditioning

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Many people rush to install air conditioning as the temperature rises, however, summer isn’t always the ideal time for this task. Why? Summer is the peak season for installations, meaning potentially longer wait times.

It’s worth looking at air conditioning installation in the off-peak seasons like autumn, winter and spring. This way, your preferred air conditioning specialists are less likely to be booked out, meaning you get your air con installed faster and when summer rolls around, your air con is ready to go from day one.

If you install a reverse cycle air conditioning system, you also have the benefit of switching to heat mode in winter. So, not only are you prepared for the next summer heatwave, you’re also set for those cold winter nights.  

Benefits of Off-Peak Timing

  • Reduced wait times for installation
  • Installed before extreme weather hits
  • Can install a system that covers both summer and winter

Selecting your Air Conditioning System

Installing Home Air Conditioning


Ducted Reverse Cycle  

Ideal for medium to large homes, these systems are extremely user friendly and allow you to switch between heating and cooling through ducts installed in the ceiling or floor. Ducted reverse cycle air conditioners are energy efficient and allow you to set different temperatures in different zones – which keeps everyone happy. The system is often installed in the roof space or is hidden from view, ensuring a clean interior look for your home.

VRV Reverse Cycle

Suited to larger properties, VRV (Variable Refrigerant Volume) systems allow individual control in different zones. They are an energy-efficient option and offer flexibility in temperature management, making them perfect for homes with a large number of rooms. 

Ceiling Cassettes 

This style of air conditioning is installed in the ceiling, distributing air evenly across the room. They’re less visible from the interior of the home, maintaining room aesthetics. Ceiling cassettes can be used for both heating and cooling.

Wall Split Systems

Split system units are mounted on the wall and provide excellent heating or cooling for individual rooms. They are cost-effective, easy to install and operate quietly. Having the option to switch between heating and cooling makes split systems a versatile option for smaller homes.

How to Choose the Best Value Air Conditioner

Home Air Conditioning Installation Vent

If you’re shopping for the most cost-effective air conditioning solution, keep this in mind. While the initial outlay for installing ducted reverse cycle air conditioning is higher, the ongoing cost of running your ducted system is often less than the alternatives. If you weigh up those reduced operating costs, ducted reverse cycle air conditioning makes the best long-term investment. Plus, you’re getting a superior air conditioning system that delivers year-round comfort. 

You can install your ducted reverse cycle system now and enjoy a warm home throughout winter. Then when temperatures begin to soar, you’re all set to switch to the cool air conditioning. 

If you’re unsure which air conditioner is best suited to your home, talk to the team at Perth City Air. Not only can they help you choose the most cost-efficient option for your home, they can also advise on the right time to install your system.

Choosing the right time to install your air conditioner ensures quicker installation and you have your air con system ready when you need it most. 

Don’t wait till the weather is too cold or the next heatwave hits. Contact Perth City Air now and enjoy comfort all year round.

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